Software Engineer - Agile - Remote (3)

Job description

Remote from anywhere in Europe or at one of our Italian offices in Trento or Rome.

We are looking for software developers who want to join the Claranet team in developing Cloud Native applications. The person we are looking for shares our passion for software development and, like us, believes in continuous improvement, technical excellence and the value of teamwork.

Those who work with us are confronted daily on issues that affect different areas of software development: from mobile applications to backend applications.

Our team holds firm to the "agile methodology" principles and makes the most of DevOps practices in AWS cloud infrastructures. We, therefore, expect those applying to join the Claranet team to have experience in at least one of these areas.

The contract and the salary classification vary according to experience.

We will give priority to workers with disabilities or in protected categories per Italian Law no. 68/99.

Some of the benefits we offer are:

  • Sustainable work. We work at a rate of 40 hours a week, and overtime is rare: in 2019, they amounted to 0.2% of the total hours.
  • continuous improvement. You will have daily time to devote exclusively to study. Besides, each year you will have three days to dedicate to your training (courses, conferences, etc.) without consuming personal holidays.
  • Training budget. You will have a personal budget to spend as you prefer for training.
  • Sharing. We hold frequent internal presentations to share studies and experiences. Also, if you participate as a speaker at conferences, the day will be paid for, and any accommodation and transport costs will be reimbursed.
  • Not fixed holidays. There are no company closures, so you can freely consume your holidays.
  • Welfare. You will be provided with electronic 7-euro meal vouchers.
  • Remote working. You will be able to work remotely or in one of our offices.
  • Agile. We integrate the values ​​expressed by the Agile manifesto into every aspect of the company.

Our recruitment process includes

  1. Evaluation of the Curriculum Vitae and a possible cover letter
  2. An informative online interview
  3. You will have to solve an exercise within a week where you can demonstrate your ability using XP principles.
  4. A half-day technical interview and pair programming with one of the team members

Job requirements

We expect those applying for this position to know about software design, clean code, testing and refactoring, that they have the desire to deepen the issues related to agile methods growing within one of the first "extreme programming" teams in Italy.

We expect you to be able to communicate in English and Italian (preferably B1).